Windows Phone Is Taking Over the Market

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Windows phones are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. According to Microsoft, the Windows Phone has grabbed 10% market share in many counties. Moreover, it outsold iPhone in around 7 counties and blackberry in about 26 countries. IDC reported a 2.6 % worldwide market share of Windows Phone plus Windows Mobile shipments in the fourth quarter of the year in 2012. This has positioned Microsoft on the fourth place when it comes to the OS of the Smartphone.

windows mobileAbout 21% mobile users in England use Microsoft’s mobile products. This percentage for windows phone and mobile users is much higher than the percentage in North America. Microsoft has also something called the Windows Blue. It is rumored to be a 7-inch surface. This rumored phone is said to do something with the windows 8. The Windows Blue includes all Microsoft updates.

This year, the Build developer conference of Microsoft is going to be held in San Francisco. Last year, this conference was held in Redmond, Washington on Microsoft’s campus. Microsoft also reported the doubling of the customer base for Azure, which is a platform offered as a service. Also, the licensing for the Datacenter edition of the Windows Server 2012 has risen over 80%.

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