Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7

Posted by admin | 07.02.13

For more smartphone news and reviews: Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile are very much different. In a lot of ways, they are complete opposites. In Windows M…

How does the iPhone compare against Windows Mobile 6.5? This comparison shows you.
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47 Responses to “Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7”

  1. Bogeythebest says:

    the best is Samsung Omnia – WM 6.1 you have finger mouse , start menu and can put SPB mobile shell , touch weather , S2U2 , S2P Pocket CM image viewer and alots of cool stuff which makes the phone look the way you want it this is why i bought an Omnia and didn’t get an Android device

  2. Jonathan Moreno says:

    They did. Windows Phone 8. 🙂

  3. iMiguelAOG says:

    Windows Mobile looks soo nice, why did they make it look so basic with 7?

  4. DifferentKev says:

    back then when i was running on Windows Mobile 6.1 it felt really business-aimed and i used to love SPB mobile shell, it made a much more useful menu, had kinetic scrolling and all that…well now i’m using Windows Phone 7 and microsoft learned it’s lesson. they still have to improve stuff like the customization, but they did better.

  5. CharlesHipster says:

    windows 8?

  6. 888831596 says:

    windows ce

  7. iBooa123 says:

    Now it does.

  8. phillips1012 says:

    windows ce

  9. hursti05 says:

    those tiles isn’t really the best. it kind of makes windows phone 8 look plain and simple

  10. JMcCammon01 says:

    Windows Phone 8. 3 words.

  11. JMcCammon01 says:


  12. ryanh says:

    windows phone 7 is sexy as hell

  13. parahumanoid says:

    What is this HTC unit in the video? Does it come with WinMo (what version if so?) or is this a custom ROM loaded onto an modern device that came with a different OS?

  14. Sankhasuvro Das says:

    who said no html 5….??? wp 7.5 support html 5…

  15. Krisztián Kovács says:

    The video is super lame. Its not about systems its just about interfaces. On WP you cant run native apps, thats why you cant able to install a 3rd party browser. If opera or others write in dot net from the scratch you can install any browser. Thats not a fair comparison.

  16. Krisztián Kovács says:

    Android is the new Windows Mobile

  17. TheJDHP12 says:

    I like windows mobile. Its more like a pc than wp7 which is more like an iphone

  18. penisculatus says:

    Amy Grasso = hot

  19. Scotty McLean says:

    Wait! what?! No flash, … ugh… okey, i can sorta deal with it… No HTML 5… – u can’t be serious.. so like what can we do here? look at images and read text?

  20. TheOffensiveuser says:

    Can Windows 6.x.x be installed on any of the latest devices? Take advantage of the new hardware and ditch the metro scene? I still have tons of apps that were never ported to WP7 or Android OR iOS 🙁

  21. GarySpatzScam says:

    I still use windows mobile, but not as a phone. I use it for remote overclocking my Rampage III Extreme, it’s better than the android version app they offer. Loving the oldies but goodies.

  22. BestServedCold says:

    Why didn’t Microsoft continue with the interface in 6.5. They could have at least used windows aero in WP7.

  23. BestServedCold says:

    Windows phone 7 does have the quick jump alphabetizing system like Zune once you get a certain amount of apps.

  24. pufixas says:

    It’s over way around

  25. Awicshb123 says:

    funny how ios still looks exactly the same

  26. POGOLAUNCHER says:

    Looking back at it, Windows Mobile looks really good for that time, as Windows Phone does now, IOS looks the same and Android looks kind of old.

  27. s3lvr says:

    Its because the taskbar in windows mobile doesn’t get refreshed as often, that “issue” is present until atleast wm5.

  28. s3lvr says:

    Its because the taskbar in windows mobile doesn’t get refreshed as often, that “issue” is present until atleast wm5.

  29. s3lvr says:

    yeah until they turned it to windows phone which is a joke.

  30. TheRespawnTimer says:

    Windows Phone (Mobile) existed before 7.0 and 8? Never ever found out about this.

  31. grentestu says:

    this has changed

  32. borondonggaring says:

    wow windows mobile is amazing

  33. tmpcox says:

    this video is of 2009 on 2013:
    – the Iphone / Ipod isn’t changed only updates…
    – Windows mobile = Windows Phone -> 7.8 and 8 a much of changes and Windows 8 was coming out,

    i don’t know wath people love on a Iphone but it’s just a lot of crap even as Android that makes a fake Iphone idea..

    Windows 8 and Windows Phone are new and Fresh…

    Marketing share world wide of Windows Phone; 3 place on the smartphone with 2.5% Marketingshare; 1 = Android, 2 = IOS (iphone).
    good job Microsoft!

  34. DuhEnlightenedOne says:

    I would have appreciated your comment if you made one relevant point about why I’m an “idiot” and why anyone should buy an Apple device. I’m glad Steve Jobs is dead and glad AAPL stock is going in the shitter. I hope Apple company is gone within 4 years.

  35. Nikknackz says:

    I’m NOT an Apple fanboy, and I don’t normally comment on YouTube, but you’re an idiot so I had to. I know your comment is from 10 months ago, but it’s never too late to let stupid people know they’re idiots. First, not everyone syncs or uses their phone in conjunction with their computers, and two, phones are more attractive based apps and performance. So yes, there is a point to buying an Apple device, whether it’s the best device to buy is a different story. But Windows Mobile…come on.

  36. s3lvr says:

    Not really, if you have ever used a pocket pc you know what windows mobile really looks like, it looks like windows before win8. Interface is compact menus and dialogs don’t take the whole fucking screen, you get to see as much as possible on your screen and it is open and very customizable system, you can change how it looks and works like. Windows mobile (classic) is not finger friendly and thats okay, since fingers are just too big for small screen and its really much more precise with stylus

  37. mIn3crafter97 says:

    on the IPhone. if u get a messge/missed call u can see an icon that u can slide to the right and going directly to sms or missed call list (;

  38. wutschgo1 says:

    very nice comparison! maybe you would like to remote control it? it would simplify your remote handling 🙂 see youtube: OgN-JbWMHTQ

  39. syahnancuy5 says:

    besok aku beli

  40. LG141602 says:

    wrong comment

  41. kamicinokiac5 says:

    *On the whole internet

  42. Bèàçh šöf says:

    @LG141602 Ur the one whos lost sense u r LG141602

  43. LG141602 says:

    android now looks too similar to windows mobile

  44. LG141602 says:

    you are lost

  45. SwiftHDX says:

    Who the fuck sends messages that way on YouTube? That makes the ‘Reply’ button pointless, so that would make 40% of all comments on YouTube pointless, at least that’s what you’re saying -,-

  46. xXxReApErxXx23 says:

    nobody, but if u wanted a private convo, you should have used the private messaging feature. dumb bastard…

  47. Bèàçh šöf says:

    I really hate to say but i phone is the best phone i ever see

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