Windows 10: A New Generation of Windows

Posted by admin | 03.31.15

Windows VP Joe Belfiore discusses new Windows 10 experience unveiled on January 21, 2015. Windows 10 is filled with exciting new features and will be a free upgrade! Join the Windows Insider…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

On February 12, 2015 Microsoft unleashed Windows 10 for phones (Technical Preview) to the public. We loaded the OS upon an AT&T Lumia 830. This is our OS tour and initial thoughts!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Windows 10: A New Generation of Windows”

  1. Ed Hewitt says:

    Very impressed with some of the new Windows 10 features this evening,
    Windows 10 on desktop is looking very smart. Only minor changes for mobile
    devices though, but it’s like they are treating phones the same as tablets
    this time around which is good.

    Universal apps is a good idea, but we have heard it all before at the
    Windows 8 launch, what’s different this time around

  2. Windows says:

    A taste from what’s is coming….

  3. malus viovode says:

    SOMEONE STOP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aaron Frost says:

    So, I had all but written +Microsoft off. But today’s announcement has got
    me thinking that times are changing. Free updates to Windows 10, and then
    all subsequent updates are also free. No more support for old IE. Security
    Updates don’t go to old IE. This is simply an awesome announcement.

    Read more here:

  5. Caleb Lopez says:

    Tempting more and more to check out Windows phone but will wait just a bit
    longer for app support 

  6. The Superman Roman Reigns #BelieveThat says:

    Hello…Everyone Windows 10 Consumer Preview/Technical Preview two names
    are there released!!!!With More Feature & New Gaming Graphics Technology &
    also New Browser Spartan & Cortana – (Digital Assistant). You Can also
    Upgrade Windows 10 Free for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 8.1 Phone

  7. Gerhard Gareis says:

    For those that didn’t follow the Windows 10 event today, this video sums up
    everything in 7 minutes. I for one am excited for this release!

    Windows 10: A New Generation of Windows:

  8. lestliness says:

    I’m ready to go back to PC, but I just don’t get it. After all these years
    Windows is still ugly as F**K! Why does the task bar have to be that thick?
    I appreciate that they’ve attempted to make a minimalist design but there’s
    a certain sophistication that’s completely lacking, just look at the
    windows icon.. Seriously? That’s the best you can do?!!! The other Icons
    look dated and the colors are just awful. Spacing issues as far as the eye
    can see, What are they thinking!!

  9. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    Can some of the linux fans below explain to me how is that possible that
    linux has less than 2% of the market of desktops if it’s given for free? I
    mean why would people pay for windows if linux is so vastly superior as
    linux fans say?

  10. Mike Cash says:

    I have a Nokia 1520, Surface Pro 3 and a Xbox one, can’t wait for Windows
    10, is going to be awesome!

  11. Oli Brown says:

    *Windows 10*
    I never thought I’d ever say this:
    *The new version of Windows looks awesome.*

    It’ll obviously be better with a windows phone, but it’s definitely worth a
    look either way. Join the insider program for an early test drive:

  12. Thom Knepper says:

    Why is it that I see so many functions Google already has??!! Like the
    Photo app and Cortana (Google now).

  13. Rune Holthen says:

    is it a *free upgrade* for *Windows 7 users also?*

  14. PrankHubTV says:

    I wish Google and Microsoft would join forces to kick Apple’s ass!

  15. Ernesto Campos says:

    Thanks, Big Changes, Congratulations to Windows
    Microsoft Lumia User, the Best Phone

  16. CariagaXIII says:

    *when this gets released i’m gonna switch right away :D* only because i
    need more stability not extra features .

  17. turkishVENOM says:

    the Win8 and 10 UI is so UGLY an there are no options to change this. I
    think windows 10 will fail.

  18. THƐ :DU;DƐ says:

    Windows 10 my favorite number :3

  19. The Dub King says:

    What did he mean by a free upgrade??

  20. Joe Richard says:

    Did I hear the word FREE from Microsoft? 

  21. William Olivieri says:

    *WINDOWS 10 + XBOX*

    BOOM: you can play your console games on every pc in your house, even if
    your TV is busy!


  22. Tarik G. says:

    Finally you fucking faggots did something right. that was what Ive been
    waiting for. Now put a lense cover on kinect and put a 3,5mm headphone jack
    in the controller and I’ll buy the xbox

  23. Fruitbeam Ent. says:

    Is this guy just REALLY small or was this made with a greenscreen xD

  24. Frunk paul says:

    Release date? 

  25. Holger Jakobs says:

    Awesome Microsoft just copied everything from companies like Apple and
    Google, like the mail handling from GMail or to give the OS for free to
    incite people to upgrade, or to (try to) merge the desktop OS and the
    mobile OS, and as the last vendor they now also have a mobile office and a
    Siri (aehm sorry Cortana)…! They also have a cloud bookmark system too
    and sync the pics between devices, AWESOME, INNOVATIVE! Don’t forget a VNC
    service for streaming games… OMFG, can you imagine?

    No wonder they’ll give it for free, it would be embarassing to ask money
    for what every other OS had for years! ;)

  26. Gabe Tinge says:

    Umm…..they seem to be making the ui inconsistent. I know they are trying
    to match how it looks on all devices, but if that means making certain
    parts look different on the OS itself…….

  27. Matt Dargis says:

    I REALLY DO NOT like the new partially transparent tiles

  28. Charthers says:

    I just got a 930 and I love it! But the things I like most aesthetically
    are changing now 🙁
    Can the home screen go back to a white background with transparent tiles
    and a wallpaper behind them? Its so beautiful like that why change?
    Also I agree the fonts are way too small instead of the beautiful
    typography I have right now its such a gorgeous UI please don’t change

  29. Alexis Aguiñaga says:

    Don’t like the new gallery design… If all W10 ends up with this design I
    will end up migratin to iOS

  30. Official Kazkade says:

    honestly, the store is the only reason im thinking about getting a note 4
    instead of a lumia icon with my next upgrade. i can’t get anything i want,
    and most apps are poorly made .-. and they’re all called “Shift for need
    racing 5: ultimate car racing team of awesomeness”

  31. Hamidreza Salehi says:

    ویدئو نسخه پیش نمایش ویندوز 10 برای تلفن ها (ویندوز فون 10)

  32. Muyanzi Reid says:

    No high end Lumia phones yet D: Not even my 1320 can get it. Will just have
    to wait…

  33. SecondSonOfPsychoSons says:

    my Microsoft lumia 535 will support win10??

  34. Klas Lilja says:

    Hm, I don’t know. I was really anxious to try it out and kinda upset it
    didn’t come to Lumia 1520 or 930. But after this video I think I’ll stick
    to 8.1 til its released. Not that interesting. I’m sure it will be great
    though with Windows 10 on PC and phone.

  35. devon taylor says:

    Looks awesome I would download it but idk if its runs on the 1520 yet btw I
    still haven’t got the Lumia denim update tisk tisk

  36. 17Vettel says:

    Is the new Xbox app already included?

  37. Vindicator says:

    I like the new solid new layout and I liked the old layout too. But both
    put together is quite terrible. It really didn’t merge well and hence
    doesn’t look good honestly. I sincerely hope they change everything to the
    new square-like style (for some people who want a change in their phones to
    have a new look) or revamp the new settings so that it merges well with the
    old style.
    (after all , old is gold!) 

  38. friður says:

    So is there a separate music app now? with out Xbox Music + Video? because
    is it just me or does anyone else dislike that? i hope they make a store
    like Google Play Store where you can find everything and a way to put music
    onto it like an iPhone and iTunes 

  39. Paweł Gołębiewski says:

    Yup, new design sucks. And it still boggles my mind why search button isn’t
    used in all the menus, like app menu or settigns to search for things. It’s
    useless, I never use it

  40. Groud Frank says:

    I want to like Windows Phone but the UI is awful. It could just be my taste
    but Windows needs to work on this. The layout styles of Android and iOS are
    popular because they work. I understand that Windows is trying to be
    different but there is a lot of value in *familiarity*. At least allow
    launchers so that people can choose an alternative.

  41. Alrawandi says:

    It’s really lagging.. You can notice it clearly on the Lumia 830 which is
    one of their most recent models. This is totally unacceptable..
    I hope this is not another VISTA fiasco, this time attacking cell phones.
    the animation between pages is choppy and not as smooth..
    I’m also quite disappointed with the new look of the Settings pages which
    is now totally INCONSISTENT with the overall UI. This is fucked
    up. OBVIOUSLY the team who designed the first OS is not the same anymore..

    Also, still NO Option to Disable Tiles Animation when moving between apps
    and the home screen..
    every time you hit the home button the tiles flyout animation comes up, and
    although it takes but a second it does get redundant after a while and
    makes the phone seem slower than it actually is. a childish feature that
    serves no other purpose other than wasting the CPU and battery life and
    entertaining teen age asian girls. Check how professional the NEW
    Blackberry 10 OS is.
    As a business entrepreneur, a financial advisor or whatever, Id like to be
    taken seriously and also be considered as part of Microsoft’s client

    Hundreds of much more needed feature REQUESTS on their WindowsPhone Page
    submitted by tens of thousands of users were totally neglected.
    Who cares about a goddamn background picture or the look of a page? Is
    Microsoft trying to insult our intelligence or something?

    whatever.. Looks like I’m rolling back to Blackberry

  42. saijo mathew says:

    whether i will get an update for 820

  43. PaladinO says:

    The guy in the news app is freakin me out!

  44. Bryan Suazo says:

    buggy as hell, but there’s a lot of room for improvement which is great

  45. Jonathan L says:

    Android 5.0 vs Windows 10. I wanna get a new phone in may but idk what I’m
    going to get. Currently using Nexus 5 Android 5.0.1 

  46. George Emad says:

    i guess u guys at youtube team need lessons from +DetroitBORG to teach you
    how to present new features and new updates ..
    i guess i will wait for him to do the windows 10 review
    i am so Frustrating from your level of presenting.

  47. Colin Kiama says:


  48. panatha tube says:

    I really don’t like the multiple operations needed to answer a call in
    Windows 8.1. When the screen is locked i have to swipe up and then click
    the “answer” button… Not very functional if you are driving or you are
    carrying things and you really want to answer that call. Zero customization
    here in Windows 8.1…

  49. Atraills Sanderson says:

    “It’s lagging!:(” no duh, it’s a prototype preview

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