What If Apple Comes With an Iwatch?

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

There are rumors about the introduction of watch by Apple this year. Substantial implications are being made about the watch and its effects on the financial status as well as stock prices of Apple. It is just guesswork for now, as Apple has not announced that they are launching the iWatch.

Apple already has around 75 patents based on the wearable technology. It is being said that this iWatch would be a “snap bracelet”, made of flexible glass. This technology will take a few years for mass production. The first generation of the iWatch would look like an iPod Nano or a small iPhone screen fixed on a strap. The iWatch is considered as an iPad or an iPhone consisting of a Bluetooth technology. It would alert the user through vibrations about the important incoming calls, emails, texts, etc. There are many other additional features that can be customized by the user according to his interest.

apple iwatchPreviously, Apple had announced that it would be using the NFC chips in all the upcoming devices. If this is followed the iWatch can be used as a credit card or a mobile payment option. Embedding Biometrics in the iWatch will ensure the authenticity of the wearer. The iWatch is a golden opportunity for Apple to get back to the top of the stock market. It can prove that it still holds the innovative power that sets new standards for the consumers and also for other companies.

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