Ubuntu OS Has Some Unique Offerings

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Superficial changes have been made to the Ubuntu OS by Canonical in the last two years. This has been done to optimize the touchscreen devices. As a result, the Ubuntu OS Developer Preview has been released for the Smartphone’s & tablets.

With other major companies already dominating the OS landscape, Ubuntu OS had to come up with something really unique. It is a fully-fledged OS that is capable to bridge the gap between the desktop world and the mobiles. The best feature of this Ubuntu OS is its capability to run a fully blown Linux OS when docked. It allowsubuntu the users to access many applications. This helps them to avoid buying multiple licenses. And, thus save a lot of money of the user.

The Developer Preview is available on many Android devices, basically the Nexus Family. This was chosen as their bootloader can be unlocked easily. Well, this OS can also be installed on any other android device with unshackled bootloader. But, all the hardware functions will be supported only by a Nexus device. You can’t dual-boot this OS with an Android. So you need to do a fresh install. This beta version is beneficial for the developers and the enthusiasts. This Operating System aims to offer consistency on many factors using a single scalable interface.

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