“Twttr” Coming Soon – As Twitter Will Charge Monthly $5 on Vowels Usage

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Twitter has come up with something new, called the “Twttr”. This new two-tiered service is an outcome of Twitters decision to ban vowels from the Tweets. Tweets without vowels will only be allowed. Still if you wish to use the vowels you would be liable to pay $5 per month. It offers the “sometimes Y” and the vowels in the URL links for free.

twitterThe younger generation is already habituated to skipping the vowels. This can be usually seen through their text messages. Twitter has targeted the older people with proficiency in language and trying to make money out of them.
Twitters agenda is the diversification of their revenue system and they believe that they can encourage quite an efficient form of communication through eliminating the vowels. Though, the company also has other such revenue-producing policies. It is going to charge all the characters after completing 140 characters.

Twitter is going a step ahead to benefit the advertisers for different products being promoted on Twitter. They are now offering a sole character extension. This is beneficial when just a character is required to complete your tweet. The charges of that extra character would be based on the popularity of that particular character reflected through a bidding system.

Twitter has advised the users to maximize the use of consonants. Else you can pay and use their premium services.

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