Through The New Trial, Apple May Seek For More Damages

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Apple has already won $1.05 billion, but the new trial may even lead to a higher judgment. Samsung, the South Korean company, has admitted this in court filing on last Friday.

The judgment by the Judge Lucy Koh’s was against Samsung. The decision said that out of the initial $1.05 billion, more than 40 % needs to be vacated by Samsung. The judgment went against Samsung owing to the inappropriate assignment of the damages for some of the devices. Samsung is now fully depending on the new trial relate to the vacated figure.

Samsung thinks that the whole matter is quite complicated. It has been thought of appointing a new jury to look after this matter. But according to Samsung the new jury should first reconsider the whole issue. They want the jury to find out whether all the 14 products that the vacated sum incorporates, actually infringe the patents of Apple or not. Samsung feels that if the court reconsiders and agree to retrial for all the so-called infringed products, Apple may seek for more damages.

The recent filing addresses the court error of $85 million in the vacating sum. This vacating sum was incurred for the Galaxy SII AT &T as well as the Infuse 4G.

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