The Symbian Generation – Is It Still Active?

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

symbian phonesIs it really possible to use the classic Symbian devices in 2013 that too productively? There are many advantages of these Symbian generation devices.

  • Few of them are listed below.
  • There are no issues with their portability
  • No fragility problems
  • Less valuable, so no worries even if you lost it
  • Available in wide range including sliders, Qwerty, touch screen and much more
  • Battery can be easily replaced

Well, these phones lack compatibility with many latest apps as well as services. Have smaller screens plus slower processors.
According to a poll conducted to find out how many people really use this Symbian category phones currently. The following results were obtained from this poll.
This ratio is out of 56 responses that qualified

  • The number of people using a non-touch Symbian Smartphone is 31, who use it as their main phone.
  • Number of people using non-touch Symbian Smartphone to be their backup phone is 12
  • The main phone of 22 people is the touchscreen Symbian Smartphone
  • Nokia E6 is being used by 6 people

The results are interesting, as still a considerable number of people are using Symbian generation phones either as their main phones or at least as the backup phones.

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