“The Internet of Things” – The Most Innovative Version of Internet

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Last year, a new Internet version was introduced. There is a possibility that the change went unnoticed. The reason may be switching to IPV6 or the Internet Protocol V 6. Our engineers have put a lot of efforts for years in order to introduce this new version of Internet without any hassle. This new internet version is expected to bring a substantial change in our lifestyle. This concept, “The Internet of Things”, will connect everything with each other.

With the increasing use of internet, the address space is diminishing. This new Internet version is over a trillion times larger than the older version. This will allow tagging of evinternet of thingsery object with a sensor or a microprocessor that has an IP address and can be connected to the Internet. Another favorable advancement is the low cost and low-power sensors. These programmed sensors can easily sense the changes in the environment & share the information on the Internet.

With the advancement of technology, a lot many smart devices would be invented and connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things is on its inception stage now. Currently it can be used for monitoring things from a distance. In future, this technology will make all the devices autonomous. Thus, this would turn into an excellent opportunity for new startups. This new version will definitely bring a revolution in our world.

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