Recyclable Solar Cells – Best Outlook for Better Future

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Solar cells are beneficial in a way as they contribute to the survival of the world through the renewable energy. But, it should be noted that manufacturing solar cells is not equivalently eco-friendly. This is because the manufacturing process leads to the formation of toxic waste. This toxic by-product is hazardous to our environment.

The researchers from Pusolar cellsrdue and Georgia Tech have managed to generate a potential green technology. This can be considered as the most renewable source of the green technology till date. Now the question is how this is made possible. Well, these are the solar cells that would be manufactured from the trees. These solar cells can be easily recycled even using the normal tap water. These cells have a high converting capacity. They are able to convert around 2.7% of the total energy captured into electricity. This result is incredible, as no such thing had ever been possible in the past, especially when organic materials are involved.

Organic solar cells can be a very beneficial invention for our resourceful future. But, it is necessary that these solar cells are recyclable. Else, we would only be dealing with one problem that is reducing dependence on the already existing resources. The proper disposable and renewal of this technology is required to resolve all the issues that we might confront in the future.

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