One-Click-Fraud Apps Have Appeared On Androids Now

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

android appsOne-click-fraud apps, tricking many people and making them pay huge amounts to shun the embarrassment; are popping up in large numbers on the Google Play.

The Android apps, used majorly in Japan have been made available in the Goggle’s app store. The number has increased to about 200 since January, as per the publication of 50 developers. This app has been downloaded almost 5000 times in the previous two months. This app was earlier available only on the PC’s. This app was quite popular among the criminals. Now it has appeared on the Android Smartphone’s as well as a notebook. Their functionality remains the same.

First the app is downloaded on the Smartphone, which mostly does not wait for the user to grant permission. This app acts as a medium to fraudulent porn sites. Once, the app is launched, the web browser on the phone opens. This directs the person to a website which claims that it has all the information about the visitors. And to keep it secret they demand money in return. This total amount being collected through this scam is still unknown.

Google has been withdrawing these apps from its stores. But, developers are trying to launch as many sites as possible. They are hoping that at least a few would go undetected and reach the victims. These apps are luring people through different sites and making money out of them.

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