Nokia Lumia 810 May Not Have T- Mobile LTE Enabled Capabilities

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Nokia lumiaNokia, the largest mobile phone vendor, is a Finnish company. It has ruled the mobile market from 1988 to 2012. The company still produces a wide range of mobile phones. This includes from handsets of entry level to the Symbian Smartphone’s. But, currently Nokia is counting on its Windows OS phones to regain its topmost position in the market.

Windows phone of Nokia is taking over the market. Nokia Lumia 810 is among the most popular models. But, if you wish to enjoy the benefit of T-Mobiles network and its newly introduced LTE capabilities; Nokia Lumia 810 may not be useful. It has been said that, there is a possibility that Lumia 810 may be unable to access the updates required for the LTE connectivity. Though, Lumia 810 comprises of a chipset that is capable of access LTE under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, this chipset may not work for the LTE capabilities of the T-mobile network.

Earlier, this year it was found that Nokia Lumia 810 is LTE-enabled. This was discovered through the FCC filing. But, earlier Nokia Lumia 810 was not recognized for its LTE-enabled capabilities. The 4G LTE will not work with this handset for now. But, there is a strong possibility that a solution for this would be devised in the future.

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