Navigate Your Blackberry Z10 Using Gestures

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

bb z10Gestures are being used to navigate the OS of the BlackBerry Z10. This feature was first introduced in the PlayBook by BlackBerry. And now it’s featuring on the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone. First time users can follow the instructions mentioned below.

Using Gestures to move around:

  • Swipe left and right using your fingers to move between pages
  • Slide the page up & down when a webpage is not fitting into the screen
  • You can zoom using 2 fingers. You just have to pinch or push

Minimize an App using gestures:

  • Go from BlackBerry logo to the screen
  • Slide your finger up from the logo to the middle of the screen
  • Your running application will be minimized
  • Tap an active pane and it will come back to full screen

Use gestures to Show Options:

  • Swipe the finger down from the top edge of your handset
  • Slide your finger from the display area where the front-facing camera is present towards the middle of your phone screen
  • The options menu would be displayed

See Your Notifications:

  • Hold the screen till the notification appears on the left edge
  • Slide the finger to right and peek into the Hub
  • When you want to snap out, slide the screed towards left

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