Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 May Incorporate WebGL

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Microsoft had previously derided WebGL on the terms of security risk. But now there is a possibility that the next version of Internet Explorer may incorporate this graphic platform. A version of Windows blue was discovered to be leaked last week. WebGL tech would be deployed is being confirmed by the IE11 browser. The IE11 which is leaked shows the existence of WebGL within the code. But, it is still not operational. But it is presumed that the situation will change after the Microsoft’s conference in June.

WebGL enables accemicrosoftlerating of 2 D as well as 3 D graphics. It can also be used for various other purposes including mapping, gaming, and all such graphic-intense functions. The GPU hardware is used by the WebGL for assisting rendering in the absence of additional plug-ins. WebGL is already being featured by many rivals of IE like Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Microsoft was not in favor of this technology from the very first. They were adamant that this technology would not be incorporated in their web browsers. This was because they believed that WebGL had serious security problems. But, now their attitude towards WebGL seems to be changing, owing to the huge demand of the users. So, it may incorporate this technology provided the security issues are solved.

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