HTC Ranks 5th in Buying Motion Sensor System

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

htcHIS iSuppli has conducted a research. According to which, HTC Corp., a Taiwanese vendor for Smartphone ranked 5th largest buyer in the world. This research was related to the purchase of MEMS that means micro-electromechanical systems motion sensors. The new image application of HTC is the reason for it is among the top five buyers.

According to a recent report of HIS iSuppli, the two top buyers for tablets, handsets and MEMS motion sensors were Apple Inc. & the Samsung Electronics Co. In 2012, the share of buyers for Apple was 31% with an investment of around $422.4 million. Samsung held a share of around 25 % with a spending of around $340.8 million. Ahead of HTC was Nokia Oyj as the third largest buyer while the South Korean company, LG Electronics Inc., ranked fourth in the list.

The overall revenue in 2012 for the motion sensors increased by around 21% than that was incurred in the year 2011. According to HIS iSuppli, Apple & Samsung will hold approximately 55% share and may dominate the market until 2016. But they are likely to face though competition with the introduction of the optical image stabilization by HTC & Nokia in their Smartphone.

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