How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

Posted by admin | 06.02.13

A hybrid car combines an internal combustion engine with an electric battery, and the vehicles work by starting the car with the battery then switching the p…

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25 Responses to “How Do Hybrid Cars Work?”

  1. ultimatetoturial56 says:

    Petrons will be pissed

  2. Chas Fordyce says:

    This was 2008

  3. easkee19 says:

    nice info… no pun intended, but will the battery be NiMH or NiCd powered… lol

  4. realworldbycj says:

    They don’t have the same get up and go to them. The only thing they really do, is save us gas; so long as we’re going at least 40 mph, which is hard to do in town all the time. Also, the battery in them has to be replaced about every 5 years, it alone costs about 4 grand. Plus labor adds about a grand to that price. And it has to be done professionally. Like the Volt, it’s not really worth the money just yet. But someday it will be very worth it I hope.

  5. realworldbycj says:

    When Hybrids were first introduced some years back, I though that they’d be the new thing to replace traditional cars. But the sad fact is, they can’t perform the same as those that have worked so well for the past 60 plus years. They don’t have the same amount of power.

  6. RayG707 says:

    People who like performance cars and driving will never like these cars. Sadly someday performance cars as we know them may be gone. Manual transmissions, the great noise, and awesome engines. I just hope that when the hydrogen power era begins they can save those things…

  7. Monish Mathew says:

    hybrid cars are environmentally friendly.You should not look for the performance.I think you wont get it in hybrid cars.Why dont you see a site for more information.

  8. monimtw says:

    great video, if you would like to see more about hybrid cars then check out

  9. monimtw says:

    great video, if you would like to see more about hybrid cars then check out

  10. oitlo nikolajevski says:

    they are like boat or yacht batteries. if they are treated as they should they have a lifetime warranty. they would last more than the car.

  11. Moren Din says:

    don’t really care anymore.

  12. fernsemer says:

    First of all hybrids are more environment friendly,,They are the end product of a build process,,the process may be unfriendly to the environment and it’s okay to yell at that. But the car?,,No way! Second,,Have you ever actually driven a hybrid or an electric? I haven’t,,but I look at YouTube videos of those who do to form my opinion of them,,After all,,they should know!.

  13. Moren Din says:

    Why are you intentionally avoiding talking about the negative impact that hybrids got on the environment? And why people who buys them aren’t really helping the environment at all. You do know that they aren’t that environmentally friendly at all, right? I didn’t really mean low performance.. I kinda ment that they’re not fun to drive because I won’t to be able to drift or have any fun with them. Cars shouldn’t be all serious, they should be a laugh and not boring and serious.

  14. fernsemer says:

    “I don’t think I’d ever want a hybrid because of low performance”? Really! That’s not what I get when I watch these YouTube videos of people who drive them. You either need to watch more YouTube videos of people who drive them and/or talk to people who drive them. Or else specify exactly what you mean by ‘low performance’.

  15. Moren Din says:

    But I was actually talking about how hybrids aren’t really good for the environment, not about how economic the cars are, but I got a little off track.. There exists pretty hybrids, but I’m really interested in cars and I don’t think I’d ever want a hybrid because of low performance and I don’t think they’d be fun to drive. no, I can’t get my driver’s licence before I’m 18 and I’m 17 now, so I can’t drive any cars at all..

  16. fernsemer says:

    I must admit,,the Prius is not a sight most people would consider ‘pretty’. But I think most ‘pretty’ vehicles could be converted to a hybrid style drive train,,but the problem is where to put the batteries? The one place that’s logical to my mind is where the spare tire goes. But then where do you put the spare tire? Perhaps no spare tire,, but a very good repair kit? BTW Have you ever driven an electric car?

  17. Moren Din says:

    I live in Norway, we’re not affected by any economic crises for some reason. we still got high gas prices, but we can still afford it. But I can’t see why anyone would prefer driving a hybrid instead of a petrol car (except for the gas prices).

  18. fernsemer says:

    I tend to think gas assisted battery engines are a better choice toward getting off oil than battery assisted gas engines. Much like what the Chevy Volt is. Then as batteries get better and better,,less and less of the ICE is used,,,there might come a time when the ICE is no longer needed.

  19. fernsemer says:

    With the price of gas going higher and higher,, and less and less money in your wallet,,you may find yourself rethinking your position as to what is ‘pretty’ and what is ‘horrible’ to look at. And what is respectable to drive and what isn’t. Then again,,perhaps you’re ‘filthy rich’ and can afford the cost of a little arrogance in your life. Enjoy those loud gas guzzling muscle cars while you can. The times,,they are a changing!

  20. fernsemer says:

    All anyone can say to that is ‘enjoy it while you can’ as times,,, they are a changing. Personally,,,I like muscle cars too,,except for the loud and poor gas mileage parts.

  21. Arc Zie says:

    Hybrid car is hard to get.. :/

  22. morloff says:

    Well, battery assisted gas engines are more of a mental satisfaction rather than a true leap forward to abolish oil use. Fuel cell and natural gas seems a more realistic move towards getting off the oil grid. You don’t need 500 hp to move a human from point A to point B. Corporations need to make radical changes to scrap battery usage and do it now. And Elon Musk must acknowledge this also and take action.

  23. Justin Erickson says:

    All that matters is that we are moving in the right direction. Finding alternative energy. Like this website elitehybridcars com

  24. Anthony Elias says:

    Why not harvest the energy from the rotation of the wheels and use a generator to convert it to electricity


  25. colcol625 says:

    false, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche created the first hybrid vehicle in 1899

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