Google Offers Free QuickOffice iPhone App to the Business Customers

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

iphone appsGoogle has been offering a special free apps version of office to its business customers known as QuickOffice. Earlier in December, Google released a free QuickOffice iPad app version available at Google Apps. Now the Google has announced free Android and iPhone apps versions for their Business Customer Apps.

Google Apps for business allows the user to edit all the Microsoft Office files. This can be easily done through Quickoffice on the iPad, iPhone or also on the Android. The Drive app helps the user to open, edit and save any of the Microsoft office files. This can be conveniently done from anywhere and anytime.

The updated Google Apps has incorporated some new features. These new features include improved rendering of charts, support multiple Google Drive accounts, ZIP folders from multiple files, and a sorting ability that sorts all the files in the Drive by Starred, Recent and Shared with me. This adds to the simplicity of the app. The QuickOffice app installed in the new devices makes it easy for the user to access all your Drive files, edit and even save them. This Google app for Business customers is quite beneficial and indeed increases the convenience of the users. These Quickoffice Pro apps are made available through the Apps store to all the iOS users.

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