Gmail Blue – A New Introduction by Google

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Google has announced that it is going to launch “Gmail Blue”. This is said to be done in continuation of the April fool’s train of Google. Gmail Blue is a quite different version of the normal email services of Google. As the name suggests, everything here is this new email version would be in the color blue. The question is does anything like Gmail Blue really exist? It has been rumored to have taken a period of 6 years to develop the technology. If it’s true I would definitely opt for it!

Is this actually happening is what comes to my mind? When Google made compose screen as default, some people were not happy with it. How would they react if Google sgmail blueeriously changed the colors in their email service? Whether this change is color is acceptable to them.

Gmail is turning nine and this introduction of colors may be for real. Google is promoting this new Gmail version in quite an interesting way. They have introduced a hilarious video which is grabbing the attention of many. The Gmail Blue video is quite appealing with a lot of buzzwords used. This video is very enjoyable and has a great sense of humor.

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