GIGS.2.GO Is A Disposable USB Drive

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

USBPaper USB drives have already hit the market. But, GIGS.2.GO flash drive is the most organized paper-based drive. This flash drive has tabs or four sticks that are made out of recycled paper pulp. But the question is whether these sticks are really disposable as being claimed.

In May 2011, we have come across a disposable cardboard USB. This concept was initialized by Art. Lebedev. The concept of GIGS.2.GO resembles the Art. Lebedev’s concept. GIGS.2.GO is only in its inception stage now. But it proposes to offer 1 GB storage for each stick. Whereas, Art. Lebedev’s offered 4 GB to 16GB per stick. Being disposable also implies the drive to be cheap.

GIGS.2.GO might have been visualized for reuse instead of disposability. Hence, it has larger storage size. These paper-based sticks are quite durable and can be effortlessly reused. Owing to this, they can easily incur a high sales price. Even though, these recycled paper sticks are disposable; they contain e-waste. In absence of proper waste sorting & collection system, this e-waste can cause serious issues.

Using USB stick made from recycled paper can be very much desirable. If these durable sticks withstand the rough conditions that usually a USB flash goes through; it can be a great innovation.

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