Don’t Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola!

Posted by admin | 01.06.15

I decided to drop a brand new iPhone 6 in some boiling Coca-Cola. The results made my house smell like smoke for 2 hours. I would NOT recommend trying this a…

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25 Responses to “Don’t Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola!”

  1. Simona Mimi says:

    People, this guy can earn up to 1.7K a day from doing youtube! He can
    afford to buy an iPhone 6 everyday and ruin it! It is his money not
    yours.He earns them not you! He can do whatever he wants with HIS money!
    You did not buy that iPhone for him… well actually you did by watching
    this video and commenting. Many of you commenting on how he could have send
    money to Africa or whatever. How do you know he didnt? If he has spare
    money to do this then let him do it! How many of you commenting about money
    has actually send something to Africa for ”starving peole”? I’d say not a
    lot of you! This is just pure jelousy! and YES i am jealous that he can
    afford to do this experiment and YES i would love to save that iPhone from
    burning it but I am not hating! I actually love TechRax videos because of
    the comments! Where is this world coming to? All jealous people! Go and get
    a life!! 

  2. Brigapes says:

    To all those who complain this is a waste.

    He gets the money by YOU watching the video. Video is for entarteiment only
    (sorry for spelling)
    “He could be giving money to homeless”
    How can he make a new video if he would give money to homeless?

    Just seriously…
    *Think about what you write before you publish, you make yourself look

  3. Jonas Kolstad says:

    What a waste! Someone in Africa could have eaten that phone…

  4. EduEnYT says:

    Too bad the battery didn’t explode from the heat and launched boiling sugar
    into his face. That would have been funny.

  5. Trigger Finger says:

    I would kill the kid for over heating my pan, using a metal spoon on a
    teflon finish and releasing lithium gas into my house.

  6. joehatrix says:

    What a MORON the yellow smoke he was all wow about was actually coming from
    the battery acid burning which is TOXIC… the guy probably fucked up his
    lungs and doesn’t even know it yet……

  7. PotatoNinja™ says:

    Of course this fuck tard is a money whore… Wastes money when he could be
    giving it to poor people and homeless people, he just a wastes it and
    breaks the phone by being a dumbass: HUE HUE WTF IS THIS GONNA DO LETS SEE
    HEHEHEHEHEHE. Wasting money is the same as wasting food bitch. I wish you
    died one day cause I would laugh so hard and go to your funeral and say
    bitches die so too bad MOURNERS

  8. Kinzygirl says:

    sorry to say. But you’re an idiot, there are so many youtubers that deserve
    these views and subs. my god, im sure there are better things to do with
    life. ffs

  9. TechRax says:

    iPhone 6 vs Boiling Coca-Cola!

  10. FreakVideosXXL says:

    And another chinese worker died for nothing (times 296, because that’s how
    many videos are on this channel at the time waching), so everyone who says
    that those videos are *not* stupid is propably retarded or has a
    disintegrating brain.
    (I don’t think there is one death per phone but torture, exploitation and
    helplessness of the people manufacturing these phones are also strong
    enough arguments.)

  11. jerry bomcool says:

    have fun with dying, the battery popped thats why all the yellow smoke come
    out! it will teach you for being stupid! and wasting money for fucking

  12. April Simone says:

    Whats this supposed to prove? Its stupid. Waste of money. Waste of coke. 

  13. MinerGames | Road to 400 subs! says:

    You are throwing a BRAND NEW Iphone 6 into boiling coca cola… Theres alot
    of people out there who would love a phone….

  14. ToNy Cazorla says:

    The MOST STUPID VIDEO that Ive ever seen in my life, the stupid necessity
    of the human being of destroying everything. So many effort to do some
    things, like this smartphones, and all the material required, its just

  15. Will Rinehart says:

    This is the possibly the stupidest video I’ve ever seen. I can understand
    dropping a phone in water, and other various experiments that are actually
    USEFUL because they help end users know what sort of circumstances their
    electronics can stand, but what is the point of dropping a perfectly good
    piece of electronics into boiling Coca-Cola? Absolutely no good reason.
    just a DUMB attempt to get video hits. You could have at least used lava or
    something cool. Coca-Cola. damn. This world is going to shit. Youre lucky
    the battery didn’t blow up in your face, moron.

  16. cactu says:

    enjoy cancer from all the carcinogens you just inhaled, hope it was worth
    making the video for! although i also would possibly take cancer to witness
    the cries of all of these SJW’s crying over a single iphone, while they
    also use one, hypocrisy at it’s best. just hilarious.

  17. momo amr says:

    you fking shit madafaker, if you dont have anything to do with a fking
    phone which cost 800 dollars, give the fking money to ppl who need it! you
    shit sick bastard…. 5:15 peace out? Fuck you , you dont know what it
    peace an love means …fucking retired…

  18. Serge Jamin says:

    This is very useful!!! I wanted to boil my iPhone today but no ive seen
    this and im not gonna do it now!

  19. Stephen Shen says:

    To all those complaining that he is wasting the phone, I guess you should
    all stop watching action movies where they blow up cars and such for your

  20. Junior Collantes says:

    What a stupid moron just took a good dose of toxic chemicals from the

  21. Gudrun Erla says:

    I see no point in boiling an iphone 6 in cola. No point. You should have
    given your money to some kids in africa who starve to death, than to boil a
    freaking iphone 6 in coca cola. You get paid for something stupid. Sorry,
    my opinion, and if youtube is like your job, than start making videos that
    actually matter and have purpose.

  22. Obito Uchiha says:

    The biggest fool I’ve ever seen. Watch how you die aged 40 and the doctor
    tells you that you got lung cancer. It is scary to know how much chemical
    gases you inhaled during the course of that video. Seriously you’ll regret
    all the money that you make once you are extremely I’ll at such a young
    age. Can’t believe you haven’t learnt your lesson after the battery
    explosion when you hammered that Samsung galaxy 5.

  23. Swapnil Acharya says:

    Don’t do this. Just don’t. People in the developing world save for several
    years to buy a new iPhone. This is just so unfair when you think from their

  24. MagicalGopher1234 says:

    God I love reading the comments. Just shows how Fucking stupid are
    generation is. All you guys worry about is your stupid Fucking phones. Keep
    up the good work Tech.

  25. Vladimir Semenyuk says:

    Idiot! результат предсказуемый! Я бы посмеялся, если бы батарея взорвалась
    более эффектно, а то прошипела как-то некрасиво, возможно тот белый дым был
    достаточно едким, чтобы сделать из автора импотента, чтобы больше таких
    дебилов никогда не появлялось… Автор! Засунь свою голову в микроволновку,
    предварительно замкнув концевик двери, и включив её побудь там с минуту,
    сними всё на видео, нам будет очень интересно что с тобой будет!

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