Detailed Review of Mac App Store’s Pricing Strategy of the Apps

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

mac appsA detailed review was carried out for the pricing strategy of the Mac App Store. A thorough examination of all the dynamics was involved. These dynamics include demand curves, revenue maximization, and the basic research done by the developers before writing any code. This inspection was done by Michael Jurewitz, a developer at Apple.

He divided the whole inspection series of understanding apps store pricing into five parts.

  • Part 1: In the first part this entire inspection, the top grossing apps was compared to their top paid counterparts. The list of the top grossing was found to be more expensive than the top paid listing by around 329 percent.
  • Part 2: In this section, the reason why the Top Grossing list is so expensive than the top paid counterparts was explored.
  • Part 3: In this part, whether the charges can be revised or not was found out. For the Mac App store, it is the Microeconomics 101.
  • Part 4: the whys and how’s involved with the product development were examined in this part of the series.
  • Part 5: This section covers how to use real world data to make better decisions. And also how you can price an app is mentioned over here.

These findings were presented at the Cingleton & NSConference by Jurewitz.

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