CNET On Cars – Car Tech 101, Hybrid systems explained

Posted by admin | 10.08.13 CNET’s Brian Cooley explains the differences in hybrid technologies and how they efficiently manage fuel consumption and power.

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20 Responses to “CNET On Cars – Car Tech 101, Hybrid systems explained”

  1. bmwmsport11 says:

    i never knew the Cruze Eco was a mild hybrid. i swear they never said anything about hybrid. they only said it has a load of aero treatment,

  2. qwerty5587 says:

    I can’t find the link on their website

  3. doodskie999 says:

    cooley’s back!

  4. ThePharm4Life says:

    ford spelled energy wrong

  5. geforcefly1982 says:

    I thought the Malibu Eco has eAssist, not the Cruze Eco…

  6. jbking2k2 says:

    Love Cooley no homo well maybe just phone sex

  7. PussMag says:

    Mild, Full, Spicy, and Flaming

  8. campkira says:

    what about new nsx?

  9. Gdwolf50 says:

    I thought i would miss the soud of the engine; turns outI love the sound of my music more.

  10. Jacky Ye says:

    wow nice

  11. Lindsay Dunia says:

    I like how the description says Brian Cooley so we all know from the start who it is.

  12. Kevin Ventura says:

    If you really want to save money, but a used hybrid car

  13. teslawizardvvv3 says:


  14. Kay Taloverov says:

    Yes Cooley!!

  15. Andy Hu says:

    i drive an Rx450h
    and will never go back

  16. AnimeBeefChannel2 says:

    Too bad you’re going to be last to get laid, loser.

  17. iOsDexterity says:


  18. Andrew Kim says:

    Wish Cooley talked about KERS.

  19. TheDob766 says:

    First comment first like!

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