Blackprints Campaign by Kickstarter Would Show Up On Your Walls

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Sabrina Chun is an artist based in San Francisco. She has come up with an amazing series called the “Blackprints: Car Designs Reimagined”. She has highlighted the four-wheeled things in a very unique manner through her brush strokes. This campaign has been successful in acquiring overabundant funds on Kickstarter.

Blackprints car designs

This series includes black & white profiles of 8 iconic autos. Chun has selected these autos and created something really amazing through her art. The cars included in the series are Porshe 911, Shelby Cobra, ’67 Mustang GT500, Volkswagen Microbus, Lamborghini Countach, Ford Model T and two pop-culture icons. That includes DeLorean from the “Back to the Future”, and Ecto-1 from “Ghostbusters”.

Eco-friendly soybean-based solvent & inch is used to print them on card stock of 80-pounds, which is made from recycled paper. Two sizes are available, 6×9 inches (mini) and 24×38 inch (jumbo). These artistic prints are affordable too. You can get all the 8 mini prints at just $34 and for $139; you can get hold of all the 8 jumbo size prints.

Apart from featuring the best 8 cars of the world, these creative prints are suitable for any wall, be it your living room or a garage.

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