Blackberry Is Planning To Offer Affordable Smartphones

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

blackberryBlackberry plans to unveil a complete array of affordable Smartphone’s. This is their step towards regaining a stronger market position catering to different target markets of the world. The market has become highly competitive, with new products being launched by competitors like Apple as well as Samsung. Blackberry need to respond in a way to be able to compete with these big competitors.

The company officials are well aware of the mistakes done in the past. So now, their complete focus would be on innovation. They are aiming to build a complete new portfolio and launch them when they could grab a lot of attention. The company is planning to showcase their new line of Smartphone’s at the Blackberry Experience Centre based at its Waterloo headquarters.

Blackberry’s new product line is divided into three tiers, which includes Smartphones for high-end users, and for the middle as well as the entry-level users. Price is as per the level, the higher the level the higher the price. These low-priced Blackberry models will use Blackberry 10 OS. These products are designed especially for the Indian and Indonesia market. This is done in order to encourage the customer loyalty in these emerging markets. Blackberry is already the most preferred Smartphone provider in many emerging markets like Nigeria.

Blackberry wants to provide end-to-end solutions to Smartphone users across the world.

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