Apple’s Iphone 6 In On Its Way

Posted by admin | 04.05.13

Everyone is enthusiastic about Apple new Smartphone launch scheduled in the spring of 2013. There is a lot of confusion over the name of this new iPhone 6. iPhone 5S could be the most probable choice if we follow the naming strategy of Apple. But, still things are not at all clear.

Speculations say a sharp IGZO screen would be incorporated into the iPhone 6. These are thinner screens and use considerably less power. It is also being reported that iPhone 6 may have a Super HD screen. Though, resolution and size are yet to be decided.

This new iPhone iphone6 would have the luminance shock eye protection feature that would make its usage more comfortable. Apple has recently won a patent related to luminance shock avoidance. The algorithm is one of the key aspects of this patent. Apple can easily use it in their software. The simplicity of iPhone is what attracts the users. Apple has not changed much since its launch. Apple can invent new ways to get through the competition.

An updated processor model is accepted to be used incorporated into iPhone 6. This new iPhone 6 is likely to come in the market this spring, most probably in May or June.

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