2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid – Car Tech

Posted by admin | 06.02.13

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid - Car Tech

http://cartech.cnet.com More battery, more range, more questions.

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 44 years, shows a VERY serious electrical problem many older Toyota Priuses have. Visit Scottykilmer.com for answers to …
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48 Responses to “2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid – Car Tech”

  1. electrictroy2010 says:

    None of the Plugin cars make financial sense. Even if you limited yourself to 20 mile commutes for mostly EV operation, you could not save enough money to cover the ~$8000 spread between the non-plugin hybrid car and this car.
    Instead I would buy the Ford C-MAX because of the higher highway rating of 47. The Toyota V’s 40mpg is pathetic (even a Jetta TDI Wagon does better than that). So Ford would be my choice

  2. electrictroy2010 says:

    The battery production is only 1% of the total energy usage of the Prius. Almost all of the energy use comes from driving

  3. electrictroy2010 says:

    Torque….. who cares? What a dumb statement. Torque is what allows a car to accelerate quickly, and electric-propelled cars have tons of it

  4. Ramiromasters says:

    Or you could get the one that gives 1000 miles and runs on water that that Israeli guy invented, watch it on Bloomberg.
    The secret, if you like to know; its to pulse an electric current inside Aluminum’s rust shell, this expels the shell, be sure to do this inside water, and the Aluminum will oxide again releasing Hydrogen as it does along lots of voltage. Anyway I would go with that rather than this model that has an incredibly inefficient oil engine attached to it…

  5. Ologramma5000 says:

    and there are fake mileage from manifacturers that confuse stupid people like you…..

  6. foxh8er says:

    Too bad my local dealership doesn’t sell them..and then claims that they’re full electric, not plug-in hybrids.

  7. Unwashed Flyer says:

    car looks good, been travelling in a few of the earlier model priuse’s was very impressed and also actually one honda civic hybrid. if you ask me i think basically this technology is being held back it could be more advanced today instead of ten years from now. i would like to own one of these but i don’t know, it seems silly there is still a petrol function involved and just not the car running solely on electric.

  8. slip9906 says:

    Hi guys. My name is Chung, I am one of the sales managers @ Colonial Toyota in Milford, CT. my cell phone is 203 524 6446. Give me a call and i would be more than happy to answer any questions about Toyota or Scion

  9. Alex Smith says:

    I don’t think this video accurately represents the PHV. I much prefer this one: youtube /watch?v=X4GCxTd3wB0

  10. halo2windows says:

    Hyundai is Korean, not Japanese

  11. eastpixe says:

    There is another possibility e4wd hybrid – a powertrain which combines advantages of parallel and series hybrids. You can find a description on my channel if you wish.

  12. heartlessvietboy says:

    When will the Prius battery begin losing miles? 10 miles of electric range will end-up to 2 miles.  You’ll be going nowhere.

  13. Jesse James says:

    @ roberto perez , a hyundai is a jap car to. Toyotas and hondas came out been good cars, hyundai’s came out crappy I used to have one that felt like a yugo now they are catching up just like american cars

  14. ASwiftHippie says:

    Newsflash: It doesn’t matter whether you think looks really matter or if you think obsession with aesthetics is illogical. The fact is that people DO want cars that look good.

    And if you want to sell cars that are good for the environment, you need to make it look DAMN good. Because people do care whether you think it is logical or not.

    Again, it doesn’t cost any more money to make a really good looking car than an ugly car or a plain looking car.

  15. dunhillsupramk3 says:

    well chevy did make the Volt but its a sales flop its a good car but its not selling for some odd reason

  16. dunhillsupramk3 says:

    you are wrong if gas prices reach too high hydrogen will be cheaper and more efficient and the gas industry will die

  17. wei495 says:

    It’s a car. You don’t need it to look pretty. Tanks don’t have flowers on top of them. Planes aren’t designed to look pretty. The only reason that people make vehicles pretty is to satisfy the pointless desires of people like you so that you’ll be more inclined to buy them.

  18. christopher phillip skeates says:

    if the pope aint got one then no one has won you have to convince main stream catholic america and the male doctrine nepitizm controling swiss banks and the vatigan all at womans expense to bye one then you will get motor companies dealing them ..skeatesy

  19. Roberto Perez says:

    “Toyota has said it will recall 2.7 million cars worldwide due to problems with the steering wheel and water pump system. The recall affects nine models, including Toyota Corolla and the second-generation Prius.” THERE YOU HAVE UR RELIABLE AND WELL ENGINEERED JAP TRASH… I RATHER GET A HYUNDAI.

  20. Brian Garcia says:

    get an enginer kit installed… it comes in kits from 2, 4, and 8, killowatts (enginer dot us)

  21. TheWatcherQQ says:


  22. TheWatcherQQ says:

    the more people that by hybrids the higher gas prices will go … dont be fools

  23. ASwiftHippie says:

    …11 miles is horrible. It should have much better electric range than that. Battery tech has gotten a lot better. Apparently they didn’t get the memo.

    I’m all for prioritizing fuel efficiency(or just ditching fossil fuels all together) but why do they have to make it such an ugly car?!

    It does not cost more money to make the body into a good shape! So why do they make it look so lame and wimpy? It’s almost like they don’t want it to sell as well as their other cars or something.

  24. Scotty Kilmer says:

    not known yet, the generators didn’t melt down till they were at least 8 years old or so

  25. JK Low says:

    how bout the CURRENT Prius?  Any common problems?

  26. TheTechCguy says:

    You know, even today, i still think they are the worst types of cars anyone can buy economically and environmentally. Ironically… :/

  27. Scotty Kilmer says:

    haven’t seen generators go out yet, but it does take years

  28. Scotty Kilmer says:

    not “normal” but they tend to do that with age

  29. Ramirez03412 says:

    What about the new prius hybrids?

  30. ore83 says:

    When I slow down during the last 4-0mph it tends to make a little clunking sound from the driver’s front wheel, I’m told it’s the friction brakes engaging? It is normal that you know of? Mine’s a 2005 Prius w/61k miles on it

  31. MrEbusinessexpress says:

    This is the exact reason why i refuse to purchase a hybrid or a new car. Too much to go wrong and too expensive when it does. I have a 95 civic ex sedan with the 1.6 vtec. Has 300,000 miles and runs like a swiss watch. PLus its dirt cheap to fix when, and i mean when a part breaks because they rarely do.

  32. hanguyen0987 says:

    You are wrong about few years the white tanks will turn into some discolored plastic. I have old BMW 1994 used white plastic expansion tank it almost 20 years, but I can see the fluid level by shaking the car and shine the light or sunshine behind the tank, I can see the coolant level moving up and down. It still can see it but not really clear. In contrast, the black one will be impossible to see through.

  33. sirtokesalot47 says:

    interesting my bmw had a clear coolant tank i guess your quite wrong about how all German cars use a black res tank. and btw those white tanks after a few years turn into some discolored plastic u cant see though anyways.

  34. Scotty Kilmer says:

    yet another reason not to buy one, or get rid of it before the warrant expires, but there are guys who rebuild the batteries, you might try that route

  35. James Last says:

    I saw 91K and some change on the odemeter.

  36. elvischem trailpilot says:

    I agree and disagree, you can buy a “normal” second hand car and have the head crack a week later, requiring a couple of grand usually, or a timing belt snap and bend ya valves, basically buying a car unless your a total godlike mechanic with knowledge of all things electronic is a slippery game for most people regardless of the type, I just swapped from V8 range rover lpg fuel to a prius, tyres on the V8 were £100, tyres for the prius £50, so it’s swings and roundabouts 🙂

  37. Scotty Kilmer says:

    you could do that, but then it would just be an ugly old slow car without hybrid ability. Wouldn’t be worth the bother

  38. bertjesklotepino says:

    so fitting in an alternator wouldnt work? it would also provide power, right, and transform the power to your needs? just a Question.

  39. Scotty Kilmer says:

    cause the generator is also the drive motor for the electrical driving system.

  40. avakjak says:

    OMG, that is the problem that I’ve been having with my car Toyota Prius 2005 . All those light are on in my car and when I go to the Toyota Dealer they said that is nothing wrong with my car also I’ve been going to the same dealer for about three years and they never told me about the hybrid battery until the other day that they mentioned and surprise the waranty has expired your car has 110,000 miles. Great, now they are telling me that the battery has to be replaced.

  41. TheRich159357 says:

    Most old mechanical technicians only know about mechanical moving parts because they can see and hear them easily. On the other hand, electrical parts usually don’t see and hear very well, they won’t be able to see the problems so they say hybrid is complicated.

  42. TheRich159357 says:

    You are right if any generators can be able to cool down properly, they will break down over time period. The new Toyota hybrid has it cooling system.

  43. TheRich159357 says:

    Electric power can be generated by wind, damn, nuclear, solar; not only burning coal.

  44. TheRich159357 says:

    Yes, I totally agreed with you. You have to check the coolant level of any moving part. Toyota and Ford always have the white clear see-through reservoirs. Just open the hood and check it when you fill up. Only BMW is all black reservoirs. I guess German engineers want to act cool.

  45. TheRich159357 says:

    Watch out the new Ford fusion hybrid, it will break down due to the new technology of battery nickel-metal hydride battery. Buy the Toyota hybrid because they are on 3rd generation hybrid technology. If you want the others brand, wait to see the reviews after at least 10 years for that particular hybrid car brand.

  46. TheRich159357 says:

    BMW repairing cost for head gasket costs over $8000.00. Hybrid battery costs only $3000.00 for 10 years. BMW costs a lot of money like water pump, belts, pulleys, alternators, radiators, cylinder head, intake manifold, and so on.
    After 10years, BMW costs over $20,000 to maintaining the car. And it brake down on the highway very often.
    Those who know about electrical will see the benefit of low moving parts translating to less brake down.

  47. 6587567651 says:

    It’s funny how people think they are saving so much money with hybrids and electric cars. At least until they have to repair it for the first time.

    You see, that’s where the money is. You may save money on gas, but have fun paying for what should be a simple repair. Otherwise, why would these cars even be sold? You gotta have a big profit area somewhere in the vehicle.

    And btw, why the heck are they driving the generator with the freaking transfer case?

  48. bertjesklotepino says:

    wouldnt it be possible to put an alternator in the car, bypassing the generator completely?

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