10 Awesome iPhone Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

Posted by admin | 01.20.15

10 awesome iPhone apps you probably don’t know about (yet) Blog post w/ links to apps: http://mytechmethods.com/iphone/10-awesome-iphone-apps-you-dont-know G…
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Watch this video to see the Best Free iPhone 6 Apps. All of these apps have earned their way onto the Top Free iPhone 6 Apps List. Best Free iPhone 6 Games: http://bit.ly/iPhone6BestFreeGames…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “10 Awesome iPhone Apps You Probably Don’t Know About”

  1. Kei Banks says:

    TuneWiki was awesome. I’m so mad they deleted it.

  2. MyTechMethods says:

    @Nissim Actually it’s an app called Facets 365. Here’s the link:


    runpee is free now

  4. KSI Trricky says:

    Where did you get your wAllpaper

  5. Andrew Silance says:

    MyTechMethods that was a great list and thank you for the wallpaper app
    it’s has the best wallpapers ever!!!! Thank you again for the awesome list!

  6. TheRealTony16 says:

    “this guy named DAVE runs this”

  7. Joel butten says:

    Can you try looking for useful apps?

  8. Daniel Gonzalez says:

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  9. dale dobak says:

    if anyone has the feature points app add my referal code DAFGRX and ill add

  10. dennis pimentel says:

    yaaaay he mentioned the walking dead!

  11. Buffalo Prime says:

    Where’d you get that background?

  12. nomoiman says:

    I want that wallpaper, any idea where I can get a hold of it?

  13. Cesar Mejia says:

    Thanks man they are awesome!

  14. kaitlin dade says:

    Check my videos

  15. Ray Movies Inc. says:

    Thanks alot!!! I downloaded alot of them! SUBSCIBED! LIKED!

  16. dennis pimentel says:

    and man i looked at the aviary it’s cool i will use localiapstore to buy
    the premium for free,thanks :)

  17. Marcel Balog says:

    Pee app? Poop app? Worthless

  18. Itzel and Yvette says:


  19. Cesar Mejia says:

    Whats the wallpaper name?

  20. An A Guy Lol says:

    Can you please tell me where did you get your ophone wallpaper it is so good

  21. xiaughn71 says:

    the worst list ever

  22. Dawn's DIY says:

    bathroom apps.

  23. Hamine Soft says:

    I want to share with you new weather app that notify users for any weather
    hope you like it
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  24. AppFind says:

    Let us know what your favorite iPhone 6 apps are in the comments!

  25. AppFind says:

    Watch our Complete List on the Best Free Apps for the iPhone 6. Learn about
    the Best Free iPhone 6 Keyboards, Utilities, Reference Apps, & More. Check
    it out!

  26. Alina Hope Martin says:

    Thanks so much for creating these two awesome videos on how to use a iPhone
    and best iPhone apps. I’m gonna get an iPhone 6 and I’m a first timer for
    an iPhone, I’ve had Samsung my whole life. So these videos really answered
    all of my questions that I have about how a iPhone works . So it’s a great
    help 🙂 thanks again

  27. Sutton May says:

    These aren’t iPhone 6 apps, they’re just apps..

  28. David Gauthier says:

    +AppFind This was the first of your videos I’ve ever seen, and I just
    have to give you props on not only your content, but your organization,

    When I organize a new list for a new phone, I ALWAYS break the lists down
    by category like a grocery list! You’ve taken this effort for me, and now
    you have been followed, not only on YouTube, but also on Facebook and

    Merry Christmas, my friend!

    Would love to hear from you on Twitter @SportsTechJesus

  29. MegaMinecraftFan101 says:

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  30. Aiman Syawal says:

    cool review~ I’ve been an Android user for years and a hardcore Sony fans.
    just looking for something different this time so I switched to iPhone.
    gonna give these apps a try 🙂 p/s: would be helpful if you put the apps
    list on your video description.

  31. Pizza Pete says:

    Instead of alien blue get Redd – Alien Blue is full of shitty annoying
    glitches unlike Redd – I was a previous Alien Blue user who even payed for
    their app..

  32. ShaReyRey says:

    My Appnana invitation code is r5827006

  33. Donna Gambrell says:

    Excellent Information……..Thanks For The Share!!! Loved This Video!!

  34. Angela Hogan says:

    I love Quick Voice app. I use it primarily to memorize scripture (say it
    a few times and play it back while in the car). However, when I lived in
    Houston I wasted a lot of time in traffic so I read my school notes into
    Quick Voice and then played them back while I was driving in order to drive
    and study at the same time–it really helped! There are a million other
    uses but anything you can use to use your time wisely in the car is a great

  35. Dante Nazzaro says:

    Ifunny is life. I have said my part.

  36. Bryan Allen Gonzalez says:

    Can you please give us a link to a list of the apps or just type the list
    in the information?

  37. Rachel Chambers says:

    awesome thanks so much for all the info !!!!

  38. ConservativeAtheist says:

    You should add something called (PalTalk) it’s a free App with multiple
    text & voice chat rooms & great features like multiple video chat in the
    chat rooms meaning multiple screens that you can move around & still see
    text in the room as well as video chat in the private messages.

  39. La Esencia says:


  40. Jean Hayward says:

    An app I really like and use quite a bit.
    Fastcustomer. An extensive list of businesses. Just yesterday I needed to
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  41. GhostCorpsGaming says:

    I laughed when he put FOX NEWS in the “news” section considering how much
    of it is BS.

  42. Asif Ikbal says:

    That’s good video.specially goodread app is so fantastic. Thanks to

  43. David McClam says:

    Good review of apps. However I think you should not forget that with the
    Google Search app it also contains Google Now. Just swipe up and it is
    there. This is one of my favorite parts of Google, as Google Now gives you
    all the right information you want when you want it. It also has the
    capabilities of keeping track of things like flights and restaurant menus
    and so on. 

  44. FifthFingerFury says:

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  45. mike zilla says:

    cannot get appnanasync on iphone6

  46. Hakim Nadir says:

    Swap your AppNana ID here. Mine is h7538659. What’s yours ?

  47. Nicolás Bianchi says:

    hello guys, ive got an iphone 6 and i have a little problem with some apps
    resolution. for example, when i log in on facebook, the resolution is
    really bad, as well as in whatsap, twitter, and other applications. is that
    normal? do u guys have any solution? thanks !

  48. Nisreen Nurhussien says:

    I just wanna say thank you so much for the amazing apps and info. from

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